Your Home Restoration in Phoenix, AZ



When accidents happen to your home, Western Skies Restoration is here to help. Water and fire damage to your home can be distressing and expensive. However, with the skilled and caring restoration contractors at Western Skies, your home will look like new.

Our Services to Your Home

Western Skies Restoration is an insurance repair and restoration contractor that also helps with renovation work. Western Skies has a stellar reputation of being fair, ethical, honest, qualified, and centered on customers. Our main services for restoration are fire and water damage, and we offer other services with remodeling. Our specialty is insurance repair, where we work directly with insurance companies to provide you the restoration you need.

Our Commitment to Your Care

In sixteen years of operation, Western Skies Restoration knows our customers matter most. We understand that you have concerns and questions when it comes to home restoration. We’re here to answer them and do the high quality work that you’ll expect. With each client we have, we take a personal approach to the restoration work needed. Our owner, Mike Bevacco, oversees each job in progress to ensure quality and honesty on the job.

With this dedication, we offer several benefits: 1) All work we perform has a 5-year warranty, which is 3 years longer than other restoration companies, 2) all employees we hire have a background check through Crimshield, and 3) we haven’t had a single complaint filed against our company for 15 years, which has led to an A+ rating on BBB.

To this effect, we also do the following:

  • With insurance repairs, we make sure that you understand the amount of restoration work we will be doing. Working with the adjuster, we make sure that all the repairs promised are met.
  • We offer free estimates. The only exception is for emergencies occurring after hours.
  • We work with your insurance, and that includes billing as well. The only time we’ll bill you directly is if your insurance gives a check to you. We use the highly rated program Exactimate for all estimates, which is what the majority of insurance providers use as well.

Western Skies Restoration is on every insurance provider’s list. If you have a high deductible for your plan, we make sure that you get the most amount of work for the least amount of money. Our work is speedy, dependable, quality, and trustworthy.

Call us today for an estimate on home restoration in Phoenix, AZ at 480-507-9292!